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SMR023 Tee is crafted towering from premium 350GSM 100% combed cotton. Boasting clean lines and a tapered neck offer a comfortable boxy fit that exudes timeless charm and complements the dynamic visual impact of our innovative printing styles.

But let’s talk about what makes it special. SMR023 Tee is crafted through a blend of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and layered screen printing techniques with extra double label materials. This combo adds depth and dimension to the design, creating a unique aesthetic that quietly stands out. It’s not just a shirt; it’s a subtle statement for those who appreciate a touch of individuality.

Male model is wearing  XL size (194cm/100kg)

Lady model is wearing  S size (174cm/63kg)

To preserve the integrity of our 100% combed cotton fabric and the intricacies of the layered prints, it is imperative to follow these wash instructions:

  • Warm wash inside out: Maintain the brilliance of your prints by washing your tee in warm water and turning it inside out.
  • Iron inside out only: Keep your tee looking sharp by ironing it inside out, ensuring the longevity of both the fabric and the intricate layers of your design.
  • Do not tumble dry: Protect the quality of your garment by avoiding tumble drying, preserving its shape and vibrancy.
  • Hang dry only: Embrace a care routine that nurtures your tee—hang it dry to maintain its original form and showcase the layered artistry.

Please note that a variance of up to 1cm in shrinkage is expected due to the characteristics of 100% cotton fabric.

Experience the convergence of style, innovation, and urban luxury with our SMR023 Tee. Redefine your wardrobe with a peace that not only boasts a mix of printing styles but also sets a new standard for quality and individuality.

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